P-320 Junior Compact Powerbase Wheelchair

P-320 Junior Compact Powerbase Wheelchair

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Product Description

The P320 offers stylish design and excellent maneuverability. It is lightweight with a swivel seat, flip-up armrests, headrest and flip-up footplate. Lightweight and easy disassembly, with a removable battery pack for ease of charging.

Product Specifications

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.

Max Speed: 4.5 mph

Range:Up to 12.5 mi.

Turning Radius: 23"

Ground Clearance : 2"

Motor: DC 24V, 180W

Controller: PG VR2 40

Battery: 12V / AH x 2

Charger: 3A off-board

Gradient: 8º(250lb)/6º(300lb)

Casters: 7" x 1-3/4" PU tires

Drive Wheel: 9" (2.8/2.5-4) PU tires

Brakes: Intelligent, regenerative, electromagnetic Brakes

Weight (w/o Batteries): 106 lbs

Weight (w/ Batteries): 135 lbs

Dimensions (inches)

Length: 33"

Height: 35"

Width: 24"

Seat Width: 18"

Seat Depth: 16"

Back Height: 18"

P-320 Junior Compact Powerbase Wheelchair