S-131 Pioneer 3

S-131 Pioneer 3

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Product Description

The Pioneer 3 high-torque drivetrain allows for increased power and maneuverability. An adjustable tiller fits various arm lengths and collapses for easy storage, and the dashboard control panel makes for ease of use. Captain Seat slides to allow a more individual fit. Comes with height and width adjustable arms and headlight.

Product Specifications

Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.

Max Speed: 5 mph

Range:Up to 18 mi.

Turning Radius: 39"

Ground Clearance : 4"

Motor: DC 24V, 250W

Controller: Dynamic Rhino 70A

Battery:12V/U1 (34AH) x 2 or Group 22

Charger: 5A off-board

Gradient: 8ยบ

Casters: 10" pneumatic tires

Drive Wheel: 10" pneumatic tires

Brakes: Intelligent, regenerative, electromagnetic Brakes

Weight (w/o Batteries): 127 lbs

Weight (w/ Batteries): 178 lbs

Dimensions (inches)

Length: 46"

Height: 45.5"

Width: 23"

Seat Width: 20"

Seat Depth: 20"

Back Height: 20"

S-131 Pioneer 3